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An Evening with Maccwriters

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Excellent evening at the King Edward Street Chapel, and also many thanks to the Alto Sax Quartet who were in fine fettle. What a great place the Chapel is, full of history and atmosphere, and a fitting venue for the trading of tales and poems. We learnt that Simon has an interesting relationship with his car, and that Jean is in possession of a rather unique mirror, plus many, many other insights about group members, but that’s the thing about writing, it’s like opening a box of curiosities – we never know what we’ll find.

Whilst the readings unfolded, I found myself looking around and came up with the concept of the poem, ‘A Life in Shadow’, so I’ve put that in the Showcase. I was busy with work and competitions at the time ‘Cloudbursts’ was being compiled, so this is kind of a postscripted contribution. If the evening inspired anyone else, send it along to me for the Member’s Showcase (click on the tab above).

Very impressed with ‘Cloudbursts’, which is available on Amazon, full of mood pieces, humour, nostalgia and some wonderfully eerie stuff, check it out –

Charlie kindly reminded us as we left – Christmas, and the next bash, is on the way.

Autumn’s here, and we’re back

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Ah well, the summer is almost over, though maybe we’ll get that Indian Summer the glass-half-full brigade keep insisting is going to happen. Hope everyone has enjoyed it, managed to do that summer reading, and possibly writing, we all wanted to do. Many thanks to Abercrombie for loaning me ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow’ by Peter Hoag, a great piece of writing and a character with a truly unique viewpoint. Would recommend it to anyone.
Ladies (sorry guys!) may like to check out this new website – – they are looking for work and will pay for it too, which can’t be bad.
The Maccwriters met for the first time after the break today and discussed the proposed trip out (are we still allowed to use the term ‘charabang’?) and suggestions for guest writers. There were readings from work done over the summer, and Charlie, Margaret and Phil told us about their debut at The Stockport Old Town Fringe last weekend. It seems Our Doris was launched on to the Cheshire literary scene like a veritable cruise ship on her maiden voyage.
Just a reminder to all out there that the group will be reading from their new anthology ‘Cloudbursts’ tomorrow night at 7.30 onwards. The venue is the King Edward Street Chapel in Macclesfield, live music and refreshments will be available.
If anyone has a new piece of work to put on to the Member’s Showcase, please send it over to me. Sounded like our members’ creativity has been flowing during the break. Keep it coming!

Summer Break

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The Maccwriters are currently taking a break over August – in case everyone was wondering where we’d got to.
We will start again on 4th of September meeting at the usual place – Macclesfield Library, at the usual time – 2pm.
The day after will be the event at King Edward Street Chapel starting at 7.30 (see ‘Events’) to launch the new ‘Cloudbursts’ anthology, tickets are £4. There will be live music and refreshments in the break.
Phone 01625 871426 to book or payment can be made on the door.

This Week 28th July

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Got an email this week from Phil, from all the way over in France. Great that’s he’s thinking of us whilst feasting on all that tasty sounding nosh he mentions – I expect he must need the calories after his marathon Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride! He sent a poem for the blog with this message:

‘We’re over in France at the moment at Mady’s sister’s near Le Mans and on Sunday, 11 of us had a great day in the sunshine celebrating 3 birthdays (a couple of weeks late! It is me after all.) with delicious BBQ’d duck brochettes and merguez sausages, followed by “du crumble aux abricots” and chocolate cake, washed down with a glass or two of rosé and red wines and champagne (though not necessarily in that order).

Preparing for the BBQ had its poignant side. This is the first time we’ve been over since Simone’s husband, Léo died a year ago and we’ve shared some great times and laughs with them. It brought on the poem attached below. If you think it’s suitable, you can put it on the blog.’

Please check out Lunch Chez Simone and other new work on the Members’ Showcase – keep it coming!

Maccwriters Blog – 19th July 2014

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I learnt some interesting facts this week in regards to the Dictionary of the English Language (I must have had one of those hours of free-surfing where one digs up all sorts of useless trivia). As many will be aware (or not), the first one was devised by writer and essayist Samuel Johnson in 1755. According to the repository of all knowledge that is Wikipedia, during his work on it, the erudite Mr Johnson developed facial tics and odd gestures, posthumously diagnosed as Tourette’s syndrome.
A later effort to re-write the English Dictionary over a century later in more modern language was compiled by a Scottish Grammar teacher called James Murray. Murray used a number of contributors, the most prolific of which was William Chester Minor who did so from his cell in Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane after being convicted of murder.
What this says about people who dedicate themselves to the minutiae of the English language remains unclear.

Also this week, some of the newspaper reviewers have been casting their opinions across the pond in consideration of the Great American Novel, or GAN, as it is now popularly called (got to love those acronyms). Strange how these things go across the board isn’t it? For me, my favourite GAN will always be ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, the merits of which were not spoilt by being forced on us as a compulsory read in school, which says a lot really. This raises an interesting point, in that it is widely held that the purpose of the GAN, so they say, is to uphold and embody the American dream and values, yet most of them highlight the inequalities and faults in the fabric of American culture, so seem to contradict this. Any views out there? Any one else think of a GAN they may have read and care to air their opinion of it? Send me your ideas.

This brings me to Maccwriters’ own summer reading challenge. This is for those who will miss their regular dose of literary hopefulness and banter in our weekly gatherings. After 31st July, the Maccwriters will take their Summer break until September 4th. On the last meeting, it was proposed we bring in some books of our choice to swap, read and review during the break. The original proposal was to compile a Richard and Judy style list for this, but obviously the above solution is kinder on the pocket!

The Maccwriters Group meets on Thursdays 2pm – 4pm upstairs at Macclesfield Library, £3 charge per session. Do you write stories or poems? Do you think you may have an idea for that one book that’s in us all? Come and join us and find out.

Macc Reads at the Chapel 01: Joy Winkler, Belonging

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On Thursday 3rd October at Macclesfield Unitarian Chapel we held a reading of our anthology Macc Writes. This highlighted the success the group has achieved over the last few months.

The anthology is available to purchase on Amazon. Over the next few weeks, videos of the night will be posted to Youtube. Please feel free to like and share.

The first video is of our founder, Joy Winkler, who is currently touring with her production of the poetry drama, Town. Here she performs the original poem, ‘Belonging’ – an introduction to the themes throughout the anthology.



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