Why I Write by Mike Tetzlaff

Hello, Macc Writers returns today at 2pm in Macclesfield Library with a visit from author Michelle Green.

Below a member of our group tells us why he writes:

Why do I write?

Mike Tetzlaff

I write because I want to tell stories. So I suppose the next question is why do I want to do that? And the reason is simple; I love stories. So actually it’s not a reason at all, it is in fact an irrational desire.

I simply love stories. But love is more than a feeling; there’s got to be a decision to love even when the going gets tough. And of course commitment can be tough – and writing can take a lot of commitment. But the reward is worth it when stories reach as far as imagination allows and plumb the truths of humanity.

There is a kind of therapy in telling stories. A reshaping of past events, relationships, hopes and dreams perhaps unrealised. Embellished with the unknown, peril, conflict, monsters and then you have the perfect recipe, in my book, for an entertaining story. If it entertains, grips, then for me that is a story worth telling, and stories are meant to be told.

Macc Writers – Last Day of Barnaby

Macc Writers will be in the Market Place again today.  Look out for the poets in Quangle-Wangle hats and request a poem to suit your mood. Click the link below for more details.


Macc Writers will also be holding a stall on the Treacle Market today where our published authors will be selling their books.

Please support your local writers.


Dabble with a Drabble at Barnaby Festival

A drabble is a story, memoir or poem of exactly 100 words (excluding the title) and the race is on to pen 100 of them on the theme of space.

‘Dabble in a Drabble’ and help us hit our target. Macclesfield Creative Writing Group are on hand to help.

Pick up a Drabble Pack from the library now with instructions and tips on how to write a drabble.

Join a free workshop on Wednesday 22 June 12-4.45 pm or Thursday 23 June 12 – 5 pm at Macclesfield Library. No need to book – just drop in.

Post your entry into the Drabble Box at the library by Thursday 23 June.

The 100 Drabbles Challenge display runs at Macclesfield Library from Monday 20 June to Saturday 25 June.

Join the Barnaby Festival 100 Drabbles Challenge.

Click here for more details.

Macc Writers at Barnaby Festival

Macc Writers are taking part in the upcoming Barnaby Festival

There is  chance to hear a poem to suit your mood read by a local poet. Look  out for the poet in the Quangle-Wangle Hat. Click the link for more information.

You can read poems and stories written by local authors while enjoying a beverage in Macclesfield’s cafes and bars. Click here for more information.

Or try your hand at writing a drabble, that is a story of exactly 100 words, on the Space theme. Click here for more information.

Join in the fun.

A poem by Richard

A Mind To


What a day

To have a broken heart!

Wind, cold as the grave,

Full strong from Africa

Flings fickle clouds across a cobalt sky.


She is loyal — still loves him,

So she will not love me even if she had a mind to,

And of this I’m not so sure.

Is it a brittle love? I ask,

So far away?

Daring to hope,

Praying for disharmony.

Unusual, she says,

But there is trust

And I will not betray his trust,

Even, if I had a mind to.

She looks at me and smiles

And I know I am defeated.


Had I not said two days ago,

As we walked towards the Mirador

That I would never love again?

Love, is vulnerability.

I have only loved the once,

And I will love no more.

What kind of fool says that?

And in the desperation of the final hour

That hastens our departure

Say that I could love her?


Well, enough of that, moy bien!

I say and joke, but it is said and

Leaves me looking like a fucking fool.


Bar closed, the last to leave,

I walk her home

Two hearts that beat;

Two very different rhythms.



Hours pass, sleep goes AWOL for the most part.

I wake to find my

Head still full of her.

I am powerless to expel her.


If I had a mind to.