Autumn’s here, and we’re back

Ah well, the summer is almost over, though maybe we’ll get that Indian Summer the glass-half-full brigade keep insisting is going to happen. Hope everyone has enjoyed it, managed to do that summer reading, and possibly writing, we all wanted to do. Many thanks to Abercrombie for loaning me ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow’ by Peter Hoag, a great piece of writing and a character with a truly unique viewpoint. Would recommend it to anyone.
Ladies (sorry guys!) may like to check out this new website – – they are looking for work and will pay for it too, which can’t be bad.
The Maccwriters met for the first time after the break today and discussed the proposed trip out (are we still allowed to use the term ‘charabang’?) and suggestions for guest writers. There were readings from work done over the summer, and Charlie, Margaret and Phil told us about their debut at The Stockport Old Town Fringe last weekend. It seems Our Doris was launched on to the Cheshire literary scene like a veritable cruise ship on her maiden voyage.
Just a reminder to all out there that the group will be reading from their new anthology ‘Cloudbursts’ tomorrow night at 7.30 onwards. The venue is the King Edward Street Chapel in Macclesfield, live music and refreshments will be available.
If anyone has a new piece of work to put on to the Member’s Showcase, please send it over to me. Sounded like our members’ creativity has been flowing during the break. Keep it coming!


2 thoughts on “Autumn’s here, and we’re back

    • Thanks Jill. I don’t do poetry that much these days but wanted to contribute. Still waiting for one of yours for the Showcase though!

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