This Week

Hi Everyone

Sorry I’ve been out of it recently, been a bit poorly and am currently grounded, stuck using crutches, so working up arm muscles like David Weir, and unable to drive around, which is not ideal. Not sure if I will make the group again this week, but Abercrombie’s workshop sounds brilliant.

To explain to any newbies out there who are thinking of coming – members can volunteer to take sessions using a literary/poetic theme.

I received an email from globetrotting group member Phil Poyser this week, now in Australia, thankfully he hasn’t cycled there this time, but knowing Phil, I’m sure it’s not the distance that would put him off.

“Hi Jan,
We’re in Perth, Australia, at the moment after an epic 4100 km journey from Broome in a camper van the size of a tea caddy. Apart from a momentary attack of incompetence on my part, resulting in a gentle van/brick wall contretemps, we handed the van back pretty much in one piece.
I’ve just read Charlie’s e-mails (for last week?) and am sending you some odd odes inspired by the Australian wildlife we’ve seen since we got here (other than in the pubs). Please add them to the blog if you think they’re suitable.
Hope Joy’s book launch goes well. I’ll have to arrange something like that for “Eric Bloodaxe? And Other Verse” which is now published on Createspace thanks to Charlie’s efforts.
We take the train tomorrow for Adelaide.”

Hopefully we’ll see Phil some time in the future, once his wanderlust is satisfied no doubt. Please check out his new verses in the 2014 Showcase. I’ll get the details of Phil’s new book when provided and add that to ‘Members’ Publications’.

Joy’s launch event for Stolen Rowan Berries takes place on Thursday 2nd October at Macclesfield Library from 7pm for the cost of £2.00. This includes refreshments. Please see our ‘Events’ section for more details.


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