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Hello again

I received an email from a group member today about smartphones. Let’s just say, it involved people using their thumbs on their beloved communication devices (as they do) and a current urban myth involving this and theft. I will remain cryptic in the interests of good taste!

However, in an effort to be politically correct, I thought I’d better research it and did find this article in the Telegraph online- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10208677/Smartphones-surge-sparks-rise-in-thumb-injuries.html

Please play the 4G video halfway down, hopefully you will find it as amusing as I did.

This got me thinking about our obsession with technology. I have recently finished another Phil Rickman book ‘The Magus of Hay’ which touches on the subject of books versus technology, because, as we know, Hay on Wye is famous for its second-hand and specialist booksellers and its literary festival.

Of course, many booksellers must hate the emergence of those pesky Kindles and the like, and we have probably all noticed the demise of the small high street independent bookshop, though this is probably also to do with the giant chains and online selling. Ah, the world is changing, for better or worse.

Personally I’ve never bought a Kindle, if only because I know as soon as you buy technology it’s obsolete, and I can see the treadmill of sales pressure it involves, or am I just a meanie? (could be)

Who says you can’t learn from fiction – I had never heard of the King of Hay (Richard Booth) previously, what a wonderfully eccentric place Hay must be, I am now thinking I really must visit it one day.

Rickman’s books are a great mix of unusual characters, spookiness, who-dunnit and that essential element of the British countryside, in Rickman’s case the Welsh borders where he lives, that is the ideal reading material for log fires and big comfy chairs – what’s not to love?


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