Encyclopaedia Internetica

Many thanks to Phil for this week’s piece – enjoy.

The 24 tome Encyclopaedia Britannica
was the fountain, the source of all knowledge
to Z for Zygote from A for Aardvark or Anneka
and it got me through graduate college.

Now it sits there neglected and unused in its corner,
the bookcase a home for our trinkets and junk.
It’s been sidelined and now houses much arthropod fauna.
to a haunt for spiders and mites it has sunk.


In a click of the mouse you can google
any artist from Dali to Brueghel
or those scientists like Darwin or Dawkins,
Einstein’s theories or Stephen Hawking’s.
Your search engine in one millisecond
will unearth for you hits which are fecund.
There will be some noise to filter away
right there on your screen amongst this array
(Hits on a town in Northern Australia
in evolutionary terms are a failure).

So “Goodbye” to thumbing through all that was trad.
“Hello!” to the age of lap top and i-pad,
freeing up hours for tweeting your mates.
Now how do you sign up for internet dates?
What a shame I’m too old for internet dates!

© Phil Poyser, Macclesfield


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