Keyboard-PamSomething I’m passionate about is finding a more balanced relationship with my laptop.  Recently I’ve been getting caught up in the next click, the next and the next…  An hour’s Skype call, then check emails and Google something I was looking at earlier – and most of the morning has past.  I thought it was only computer games that caught players in addiction, now I’m realising it’s the whole online world and can affect us all.  My searching is like exploring fractals, always another layer, something more to be curious about, spend time with and be fascinated by, only to remember much later that I haven’t started on my list of ‘things to do today’.

My life online seems to be taking over my everyday life.   I’m happy and involved when I’m online, and my back aches, my eyes are dry and I feel a bit disorientated when I stop.  And worst of all, a long session working on the laptop in the evening before bedtime guarantees a restless, sleepless few hours before sleep finally comes.

So how to bring more balance?  I can make a plan and stick to it, set a timer, have a break, do some unsubscribing.   I can be more aware of what I’m doing when I’m doing it, that’s being mindful.  And if I pause now and again I’ll be able to make real choices – to click or not to click!

What would a balanced relationship with my laptop feel like?  It would feel really good.  I’d regard my laptop as a brilliant resource, with me fully empowered to be its controller and I’d be appreciating the connecting, communicating and information it brings me every day.  I wish!

© Photograph and Words by Pamela Carr 2015

Many thanks to new group member Pam for sending in this great post.  JD


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