Water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink.
Water, water, everywhere. To Graham, what’s the link?

Here we are in Lulworth Cove, which nestles down in Dorset.
Day 2 and there’s a panic. Can you guess the source? It’s
when Colin spied some water flowing beneath the door,
watched horrified as inexorably it rippled ‘cross the floor.
The Lady of the House was called to find the tidal source.
Alas, it was no mystery, no need for Inspector Morse.
The master key she used to open up the room next door
and tentatively tiptoed in and started to explore.
Behind the shower curtain, starkers (She broke into a sweat),
Graham was warbling some song by, who else but Wet, Wet, Wet.
The Lady of the House was almost overcome by shock,
with averted eyes she fumbled, found and turned off the stopcock.
So, Graham, next time you’re minded to run hot water in your sink,
don’t put the plug in, mate, or we’ll all be in the drink.

© Phil Poyser


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