This Week and another poem

Interesting session this week at Maccwriters. I haven’t been able to go for a while so was pleased to see the new people who were attending. Among them was Amber, all the way from Macclesfield near Adelaide in Australia, small world ain’t it? Another was Marion from Exeter who has her own website selling her books for charity – Green Dragon Publications. Great to meet new people. Great to see hits from elsewhere around the globe as well.

This week in UK we’ve been sweltering in high heat. Being British, I am of course no good in heat (just not genetically evolved for it). Not sure the air con in the library was working and I took to fanning myself with my documents folder, much to Zoe’s amusement. No doubt we will be back to our usual temperature range of ‘Meh’ to freezing next week, so we can return to complaining about that (you know us Brits, it’s all about the weather!)

This week’s poem is another by Charlie – ‘Shark In the Water’

Shark In the Water

My mother says there is a shark in the sea.
I run, held back by waves;
a battalion of water that cannot be unplugged,
the tide fierce and ready to strike me down.
In her haste to reach the shore my mother
knocks me down. I will drown.

Seven years old, I belong to the sea,
another poor unfortunate soul to add to Ursula’s collection
where I cannot be saved by the Little Mermaid.
I taste the millennia, salt water on my tongue,

inhale time

My mother lifts me to the sand
and I search the ocean
to see if the shark is following.