Josiah Wedgwood, Chert and Bakewell

Josiah Wedgwood, Chert and Bakewell
Josiah Wedgwood wanted chert
to aid the making of his pots.
He thought, ‘I’ll go to Bakewell,
I hear tell that they have lots.’
Bakewell’s snow-white China stone
Josiah liked the best
so for the grinding of his pots
he put it to the test.
He found it admirably suitable
and ordered by the ton.
It came to the potteries in a barge,
often more than one.
Wedgwood couldn’t get enough
of Bakewell’s precious stone,
he’d no sooner put an order in
than all the chert was gone.
Pretoria Quarry and Holme Bank
they cordially obliged,
and as both were there in Bakewell
the little town, it thrived.
Sometimes the chert was used to whiten
the pots Josiah made
or colour some pots pink or blue
depending on the shade.
The Bakewell men were busy.
There was always plenty of work
and Josiah kept on potting
using Bakewell’s snow-white chert.
Margaret Holbrook Jan 2016

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