A poem by Richard

A Mind To


What a day

To have a broken heart!

Wind, cold as the grave,

Full strong from Africa

Flings fickle clouds across a cobalt sky.


She is loyal — still loves him,

So she will not love me even if she had a mind to,

And of this I’m not so sure.

Is it a brittle love? I ask,

So far away?

Daring to hope,

Praying for disharmony.

Unusual, she says,

But there is trust

And I will not betray his trust,

Even, if I had a mind to.

She looks at me and smiles

And I know I am defeated.


Had I not said two days ago,

As we walked towards the Mirador

That I would never love again?

Love, is vulnerability.

I have only loved the once,

And I will love no more.

What kind of fool says that?

And in the desperation of the final hour

That hastens our departure

Say that I could love her?


Well, enough of that, moy bien!

I say and joke, but it is said and

Leaves me looking like a fucking fool.


Bar closed, the last to leave,

I walk her home

Two hearts that beat;

Two very different rhythms.



Hours pass, sleep goes AWOL for the most part.

I wake to find my

Head still full of her.

I am powerless to expel her.


If I had a mind to.


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