Macclesfield Creative Writing Group – Constitution

These rules were decided by the group, on the 1st of September 2011. Together they form a set of boundaries, by which we all agree to abide.

1) Fees:

  • Each member will contribute £3 to each session that they attend.
  • On special occasions, such as meetings with a guest speaker, the fee may rise slightly. However, this will happen with prior notice.

2) Attendance:

  • Regular attendance is not mandatory, and we welcome members who attend on a “drop-in” basis, as well as those who come every week.

3) Lateness:

  • We have no strict policy on punctuality.
  • Late arrival is perfectly acceptable, with the following stipulations;

– The latecomer enters the room quietly, so as not to disrupt the session.
– The latecomer pays the required fee as usual.

4) Adult content and swearing in the work produced:

  • We accept this. There will be no censorship, within the group and the meeting room at the library.
  • However, for public performances and events, we may have to tailor our language, depending on the audience. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

5) Criticism of one another’s writing:

  • We welcome feedback on work that we read out. This can be positive or negative.
  • All criticism must be honest, respectful and constructive.
  • Any abusive feedback will not be accepted.

6) Mobile phones:

  • We ask that all phones be switched off or to silent mode during meetings.
  • Calls may be taken, but we ask that you step outside to answer your phone.

7) Food and drink:

  • We accept that people may need to bring in their own food and drink.
  • We ask that it be a reasonable amount and type, and that it leaves no litter or mess behind.

8) The sharing of duties:

  • Volunteers can lead a writing workshop if they wish.
  • We also need a volunteer each week to organise the refreshments.

9) Guest speakers:

  • Anyone can recommend and contact guests to speak at our meetings.
  • We ask that you tell the group before booking anyone or arranging a fee.

10) The Annual General Meeting:

  • We will hold an AGM at the end of July, before or after the final meeting of that month.
  • We ask that as many members as possible attend, as well as the committee members.

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