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Well, finally it’s here (or rather she is). Our Doris will finally be able to air her opinions and reach an audience worthy of her matriarchal wisdom via the printed and electronic word.  For more information, please look on Charlie’s website via his link on our homepage.

Doris Flyer

Members of the group are well aware of our own Ernest Roberts’ extraordinary and colourful life story. Well, he has been working on it for a while, but has now finished his biography and it’s available via his website –

A Life Less Ordinary

I Met Haile Selassie


Ernest M Roberts

A biography describing the journey through the changing decades from the 1940’s through the 60’s into the 2000’s. A journey through social change from working class to middle class to freedom from sexual oppression to freedom via the hippy cultural revolution and hippy commune. Freedom from drug dependence with yoga and meditation. Founding a Yoga Centre in London then a Homoeopathic Practice and College in Manchester. Retirement to the hills in which I grew up.  


Eric Bloodaxe Cover

Hot off the press is our intrepid traveller Phil Poyser’s new book ‘Eric Bloodaxe and Other Verse’. As many will know, Phil is one of those people who can get up and recite a story or poem off the top of his head at the snap of fingers, and he’s a frequent guest of many a speakeasy and open mic session in the area. He’s a rare wit and it’s not before time that he’s collected some of his poems for this publication.

Phil’s verses are a great mood-lifter, so if these suddenly darker days are getting to you, why not grab a quick slice of his refreshing view of life and buy a copy? Cover illustration is provided by our own Karen Ross – love that Viking ship/garden shed! B&Q definitely need to introduce a line of those. This week he was at the group signing copies for us, but it’s also available on Amazon –


This collection of fourteen stories is a mix of short stories and flash fiction. A mix of light and dark. Who is being watched in ‘Watching’. What past life story is told in, ‘The Little Black Dress’. Read all about Jim’s secret in ‘Retirement Blues’. If you like your stories dark, head straight for ‘Dolls’. Listen to Jane’s eight year old sister tell her tale in ‘Jane Said’. The longest story in the book is ‘Reflections of Murder, a novella. It tells the story of Mel Ellis and draws you into the web of intrigue that surrounds her disappearance and death. ‘Watching and other Stories’ is available via


The book 'Family Walks in East Cheshire' 

Jean Wareham is a regular at the Maccwriters group, so we are familiar with her passion for walking the rural byways of Cheshire, and she has used the knowledge she’s acquired over the years to produce a guide for others. Jean says about the book: ‘I wrote this book as an easy walking guide suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It has 25 walks in the area around Macclesfield. It leads walkers to local beauty spots and places of interest and contains photos of all these places, with easy to follow maps and text to take you there. Each walk is about 4 miles long and can be easily completed in one and a half to two hours at an easy walking pace. There are details of local history and flora and fauna. Details of suitability to different seasons or weather conditions are included. There are directions to the start of each walk, and the book also gives references to ordinance survey maps for those who want it.’

If you would like a copy of Jean’s book please request via our comments box below or it can be obtained at branches of Waterstones.

2013-4-29th Waterstones book signing

Jean (centre) at a book signing in Waterstones, 29.4.2013


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